MTI P4600 SCR Chargers

MTI Systems’ unique SCR rectifier incorporates a double wound isolation transformer to provide regulated DC output and current limiting capabilities. Multi
output-filtering configurations are available to match specific load requirements. Boasting a typical MTBF of 300,000 hours and typical MTTR is less than 1 hour.
MTI’s user friendly touch screen display encompasses user definable controls and alarm set-points, allowing for easy customization and adjustments.

The Digital Multilingual Display delivers all the necessary charger information to your fingertips. The display menu is the standard link between the operator and all monitoring controls & alarms. All set points for control and alarm parameters are user-definable and adjustable.

MTI Systems’ chargers are capable of operating in a battery eliminator function.

MTI’s chargers are manufactured to comply with ISO, UL, CE, CSA and EMC standards.


Download MTI P4600 SCR Chargers Brochure