MTI NiCad KGL Lomain Batteries

Lomain Translucent Nickel Cadmium Batteries

Lomain Translucent Nickel Cadmium Batteries provides a 20 year lifetime without the need of water filling caused by a special single cell design and the valve
regulated venting system. Lomain cells are equipped with a low pressure flame arresting vent with which topping up is possible if required. With a recombination
rate up to 90%, depending on the floating voltage and ambient conditions, Lomain gives a minimum of maintenance available in the current market.

Temperature performance: Lomain operational temperature lies between 0 C and +40 C, but can withstand temperature fluctuations from -50 C to + 70 C

Typical Applications: UPS systems, emergency lighting, process control, telecommunication, power and substations, oil and gas refineries, railroad signaling.

Special LOMAIN Features:

  • Special plate design to ensure oxygen evolution occurs prior to hydrogen evolution
  • Special felt separation system to prevent hydrogen evolution
  • Flame arresting low pressure venting system
  • Single cell case design, maintaining internal pressure to promote recombination


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