Valve Regulated

MTI Systems’ Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery line offers end users industry leading and field proven technology to suit any DC requirement. Manufactured to the highest possible standards, the wide range of products allows for the proper VRLA battery type to be selected to best meet any battery
application. With a product range of six different technologies, MTI is able to select the best fit battery to meet any back up and space requirement. Offering Gel type, as well as Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) technology, single cell or monoblock design, front terminal or modular, MTI Systems has the right VRLA battery for you.


MTI’s GT-HR High Rate Monoblock Design

These High Rate, Monoblock batteries with their 12V configuration are specifically designed for high rate discharge applications. Their Monoblock design is perfect for space sensitive installations. With their high-density structure, the internal resistance is brought to a minimum allowing for exceptional performance at a high rate of discharge

Main Features:

  • Available in 12V from 9Ah-150AH
  • Optimized grid design for high power density
  • Upright, side or end mounting
  • Thermally welded case to cover bonds eliminated leakage
  • Optional flame retardant ABS casing to UL94-VO standards
  • 10 Year Design Life
  • Ideal for UPS, power generation, and switchgear applications

Typical Applications:

  • Breaker tripping
  • Broadband
  • Switchgear control
  • Communications
  • UPS

MTI VRLA GT-HR Batteries
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MTI’s Modular GTS-E Series

These 2V single cell batteries utilize a thick grid design to ensure long service life, and excellent performance in long discharge applications. MTI’s GTS-E Series are capable of being vertically or horizontally stacked, and come supplied with their own custom designed mounting rack structure, seismically graded if necessary. This unique feature can ensure the system fits within any space restraints that may exist.

Main Features:

  • Available from 200AH to 2000AH
  • Modular rack structure allows for minimal footprint
  • Insulated cell terminals allow for ease of maintenance and cell replacement
  • Strong corrosion resistant grid design
  • Rugged flame retardant ABS casing to UL94-VO standards
  • 15 year design life

Typical Applications:

  • Telecommunications
  • UPS
  • Long discharge applications
  • Control equipment
  • Substation applications

MTI VRLA GTS-E Batteries

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MTI’s GT-F Front Terminal Design

MTI’s GT-F range VRLA batteries have been specifically designed to deliver the ultimate in security and reliability. These front access batteries have been
specifically designed for telecommunication applications. The GT-F monoblock design has been engineered to suit 19”, 23” and ETSI racking. With electrical
terminals located at the front, installation and maintenance has never been easier.



  • 12V monoblocks available from 50 – 170AH
  • Front access terminal design
  • Suitable for 19”, 23” and ETSI racking
  • Rugged flame retardant ABS casing to UL 94-VO standards
  • Exceptional deep discharge recovery
  • 12 year design life


Typical Applications:

  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities
  • UPS

MTI VRLA GT-F Batteries
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MTI’s GTS-G (OPzV) Tubular Gel Type Battery

MTI’s GTS-G batteries utilize a proven combination of GEL and tubular technology to provide an exceptionally reliable VRLA battery. An optimized plate design allows battery capacities to be derived which are in excess of the DIN standard values.

The GTS-G battery offers both a proven long float life and high cycling capability to offer a truly superior cell.



  • Single Cell design available from 200AH to 3000AH
  • Exceptional long life
  • Ideal for telecommunications, UPS, Utilities, and alternate energy applications


Typical Applications:

  • Telecommunications
  • UPS
  • Utilities
  • Railroad Signal and communications
  • Photovoltaic


MTI’s SMU-FR12-75-FR Battery

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