MTI NiCad Standard Translucent Case Batteries

Standard Translucent Case Type

MTI Systems’ Translucent Nickel Cadmium Pocket Plate Batteries are MTI-1 designed and manufactured to the highest standards to provide unparalleled reliability and performance.

Available in three different discharge ranges, suited for the multitude of current application requirements, these superior translucent batteries can be easily sized to suit any need.

Together with our range of Ultra Lomain Nickel Cadmium Batteries, with greatly extended maintenance intervals, MTI Systems’ is well suited to provide the back up power industry with the right equipment at extremely competitive pricing.


MTI Systems’ Translucent Nickel Cadmium Battery Range includes:

  • KH/P Range (High) 1 sec–90 min
  • KM/P Range (Medium) 5 min–5 hours
  • KL/P Range (Long) 1–10 hours
  • KGM (Medium Lomain) 5 min – 5 hours
  • KGL (Long Lomain) 1 – 10 hours


Main Features:

  • Long, Field Proven Service Life Time >20 years
  • Wide Temperature Range: -40 C to +50 C
  • Excellent resistance against electrical and mechanical stress
  • High final discharge voltage (1.15v/cell) at 5 hours discharge rate with 0.2 C5A
  • Translucent, single cell plastic container with visible electrolyte level markings (min and max)
  • Long Storage Life
  • Insensitive to maintenance errors
  • Availability of Steel Casing
  • Built in accordance with IEC 60 623, EN60 623, and DIN 40 771


Typical Applications:

  • Railway
  • Engine Cranking, Diesel Generator Sets
  • Power Stations & Switching Stations
  • Utilities
  • Substations & Signaling
  • Petrochemical
  • Emergency supply