Flooded Tubular OPzS Type

MTI Systems’ OPzS Stationary Lead Calcium Acid Batteries are designed to provide reliable battery power for many industrial and utility applications. The individual cells and blocks are enclosed in translucent plastic containers which are extremely resistant to chemical and mechanical damage. A unique tubular positive plate design prevents potential shedding of active materials during operation, thus greatly reducing any chance of short circuit.


Capacity range:

  • 12 volt blocks: 50 to 150 Ah
  • 6 volt blocks: 200 to 300 Ah
  • 2 volt cells: 100 to 3000 Ah


Main Features:

  • Extremely low levels of self-discharge
  • 20 year field-proven life
  • Manufactured in accordance with DIN 40736 and ISO standards
  • Tubular Plate Design
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Economical water consumption
  • Quick and simple acid level control
  • High capacity


Typical Applications:

  • Telecommunications
  • Utility
  • Control & monitoring systems in power plants and distribution stations
  • Photovoltaic applications (due to low self-discharging)


MTI Lead Acid OPzS Cells Batteries

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MTI Lead Acid OPzS Blocks Batteries

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