MTI NiCad Clear Case Batteries

Clear Case Type

MTI Systems’ clear case Nickel Cadmium battery utilizes superior engineering and structural design to deliver the industries most robust and reliable Nickel
Cadmium battery. This high performance Alkaline storage battery is the only battery utilizing field proven, clear case technology allowing for ease of maintenance and inspection. Together with our “patented” U-Clip separators, virtually eliminating any chance of short circuiting, these batteries are clearly above the rest.

MTI’s Clear Case batteries are available in four different ranges, each engineered to perform optimally in different applications:

  • HDV for very high discharge rates Typical = 1 sec – 30 min
  • HDH for high discharge rates Typical = 1 min – 1 hr
  • HDM for medium discharge rates Typical = 30 min – 2 hr
  • HDS for long discharge rates Typical = 1 hr – 10 h


Main Features:

  • Exceptional Performance Characteristics
  • Extremely Long Life (25 years +)
  • Mechanically Robust, Ideal for rolling stock applications
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Stable performance with High Available Capacity
  • Excellent Low-temperature characteristics
  • Low Self – Discharge
  • Light Weight and Compact Size
  • No Corrosive Gases
  • Clear Case Design
  • U-Clip plate separators


Typical Applications:

  • Railway, signaling controls
  • Engine Cranking, gas turbine generators
  • Extreme Temperature Installations
  • Critical Load applications
  • Monitoring and control for utilities